Previous Handmade Items
Katana - 1075 steel, copper Habaki and fittings, Mokume Gane Tsuba and wooden Saya.
SOLD Nov 2022
Wharncliffe Knife 80CRV2 Blade with Hybrid handle 
Contractors Knife - 80CRV2 blade and Desert Ironwood handle 


Truckers Knife - 8670 steel featuring serrated top edge and wire strippers and blue pearl Kirinite handle
Knifetalk Build Along design.  Desert Ironwood handle with copper pins
Pattern is available on


Camp Knife - 1084 Steel and Black/Red G10 Handle 
Blacksmith Cross 
Vegetable cleaver, 52100 steel with Dymalux Green Hornet Handle 
 EDC 440C Steel and Patriot Kirinite handle


Camp Knife - 1084 Blade with Pine Cone Handle 


 Chef Knife - 1095 with hamon with yellow/brown raffir handle


 EDC Knife - 80CRV2 blade with quilted poplar handle dyed blue


 Viking Seax - 5160 spring steel with black walnut handle and brass guard and pommel.


 Pair of Boning Knives - left is 1095 with light hamon, right is 440C stainless steel.  both are handled in yellow/brown Raffir.