The Latest Happenings

The Latest Happenings


Meanwhile back at the forge...

My next show as of now will be this event in April.  I hope to have a significant inventory by then for the show and for this online store.  The event is in Bellville Texas and coincides with their Market day and farmers market celebration.  I hope you can make it.

I purchased a few sheets of knife steel and had over 100 blanks laser cut and now I need to get to work.  If you see something you are interested in, use the contact form on this site to let me know or give me a call at 254-744-9875  


These are the designs I had cut.  some new stuff for me such as the karambit and the head knife for leather work.  The ring dagger was a last minute design and I'm not sure where it's going but the finished design may be quite different.  I'm pretty excited about the process and am ready to get started.  look for some of these soon and if you let me know what you want you may have some say in the sheath and handle design.



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